Roman Matin            

"Roman Matin has an original sound on guitar. Although all of the music is played by Roman alone on his guitar without overdubbing, it often sounds as if several musicians are performing at once. He expertly uses overtones and occasional distortion. All in all, this is a thought-provoking set of original music that is difficult to describe but well worth hearing."
- Scott Yanow, main jazz contributor to All Music Guide

"A wonderful new talent with deep feeling" - Sheila Jordan

"I hear a personal voice and good guitar playing. Your ideas create effective moods..." -
Chuck Israels (composer, arranger, educator, Great bass player in The Bill Evans Trio (1961-1966)

"At last, an original voice! I love this ideas" - Ralph Carney, main sax player and arranger with Tom Waits

"Нам очень понравилось. И по идее, и по исполнению, и по тонкости звучания" - Звуки Мы (экс-Звуки Му) - Алексей и Ирина Бортничуки

"There's magnetism in this music" - David Cross, (ex-King Crimson, 1972-75)

"Играете Вы - дай Бог, я слышал записи..." - В.П. Пресняков, Заслуженный артист России

"Hypnotically haunting sounds from a true artist that dares to dream."
- John Lindberg

“There is some nice stuff there! I like the mood and feel of the pieces." - Adam Holzman, keyboardist, musical director with Miles Davis (1986-1990) etc..

"You sound great" - Charlie Haden

"...I enjoyed the music you sent" - Bob Hammer, arranger and orhestrator with Charles Mingus (incl. The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, Woody Herman 60's albums etc..)

“Wonderful talent" - Brian Melvin, bandleader with Jaco Pastorius in 80's

"Very good music. You have the stuff" - Michael Henderson, bass player with Miles Davis, 1970-1975

"Excellent Classical/Compositional approach to playing Jazz Guitar. Sounds Great!" - Paul Metzke (guitarist with Gil Evans Orchestra, Gato Barbieri 70's recordings etc)

"This sound is soulful and haunting - It urges you to hear more" - James Spaulding (Horace Silver Quintet, Grant Green Sextet. Freddie Hubbard Quintet, Wayne Shorter's Sextet, McCoy Tyner's band in 60's etc)

"I like the mood you create with polytonal chords, your approach is
- Jean-Luc Ponty

"This music is lovely... veiled and kind of Satie-esque" - Anthony Coleman (composer, bandleader, keyboard player with Marc Ribot (most of his principial recordings), Glenn Branca, John Zorn etc.)

"It's all so personal in this playing. Play on!" - Bill Harkleroad a.k.a Zoot Horn Rollo (ex-Captain Beefheart's Magic Band), principal avant-garde guitar innovator, teacher

"Very nice. Original and tasteful" - Wayne "Tex" Gabriel, lead guitar with John Lennon (early 1970's NYC recordings)

"Awesome, man! Keep up the great work." - Alphonse Mouzon, (Weather Report, bandleader with Tommy Bolin)

"I listened to the pieces, I enjoyed them..." - Chris Cutler (Henry Cow, Pere Ubu, Cassiber, Art Bears etc...)

"To find your own voice is more rewarding than sounding like the rest. You have your own voice. " - Manolo Badrena, (Weather Report, 1976-1977, percussionist with George Duke, Steve Khan, Ahmad Jamal etc)

"Keep up the good work! I believe in you!" - Tommy Emmanuel

"Glad to hear somebody taking chances again. Like your music" - Lenny White, Return To Forever

"After listening to your tracks, I think you've achieved the "soft sound" you're looking for. All the success!" - Stu Goldberg, Mahavishnu Orchestra

"I like the vibe of these guitar tracks. Dark, moody, personal. Very nice" - Michael Blair, percussionist (Tom Waits on 80's classic albums)

"Worthy music" - Tony Coe

"This music is not only beautiful but rare. The feeling is from a place few know about and even fewer visit." - Stan Harrison, sax player with Duran Duran, Radiohead, Stevie Ray Vaughan

"Lovely vibe!" - Ned Rothenberg

"Very nice and peaceful" - Airto Moreira

"I did listen to your music, and I enjoyed it" - Marilyn Crispell

"I like your work. Very good stuff" - DJ Logic

"I enjoyed listening to your music. I find it very original!" - Ivo Perelman

"У тебя , Рома, отличный вкус, прекрасный стиль и доброе сердце" -
Ия Моцкобили (музыкант, музыкальный обозреватель "Коммерсантъ")

“There is something dark, nostalgic, haunting and beautiful in your music" - Vernon Reid, No. 66 on Rolling Stone magazine's 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time

"In terms of playing it is pretty well done and interesting music"
- Steve Khan

"I love the experimental approach of your guitar. Very hypnotic"
- Cal Bennett

"Nice music! Good work." - Pauline Oliveros

"Anyone can play the guitar but you tell stories with your strings. Stories of love and happiness and pain and regret. Great stuff!" - Joel Vallie

"Wow! It's as if you had an entire orchestra under your fingers. We all need more music like this." - Benny Russell

"Great to hear this guitar work! Enigmatic and searching with a nice balance of clarity and opaqueness" - Brucre Eisenbeil

"This music is beautiful" - Badal Roy, percussionist with Miles Davis in 70's