Roman Matin, on his Music For Electric Guitar, performs a series of short tunes that are quite unpredictable. He utilizes a wide variety of tones and sounds on his original pieces, not only glancing briefly at earlier jazz greats but displaying minimalism that is inspired by Cage, Webern and Reich.

Although all of the music is played by Roman alone on his guitar, it often sounds as if several musicians are performing at once. He expertly uses overtones and occasional distortion while not being shy to utilize fragmented melodies. “Spiral Blues” is a bit folkish and hints at early country blues. “Rain – Bluebird – Toy Tune” is particularly picturesque. “Blues – Interlude – Breath” features Roman improvising some freer explorations, particularly in the “Blues” section.” “Midnight” evolves from free to melodic while “To Be Continued” quickly explores several different ideas including a few that are rhythmically catchy.

All in all, this is a thought-provoking set of original music that is difficult to describe but well worth hearing. - Scott Yanow, Author of ten jazz books including The Jazz Singers, Jazz On Film and Jazz On Record 1917-76